Wednesday, March 3, 2021

The Only Desire You Must Have Now

 1 Chronicles 22:19 
King James Version

19 Now set your heart and your soul 

to seek the Lord your God; 

arise therefore, 

and build ye the sanctuary of the Lord God, 

to bring the ark of the covenant of the Lord, 

and the holy vessels of God, 

into the house that is to be built 

to the name of the Lord.

We have all desired many things in the world.

But has it brought us peace?

Has it brought us lasting happiness?

Has it brought comfort to everyone?

Only the desire to seek the Lord with all our hearts, to know His truth alone, can give us the lasting peace, and happiness we seek.

Why would the Lord come, unless we invite His sacred presence?

When we seek what the world offers -- beauty, power, wealth, fame -- we will be given everything that distracts us from the Lord.

When we seek God, we prepare a home for Him in our hearts.

We will be led to sanctify our bodies, to receive grace from the Lord.

We will not want to have anything to do with that which is sin, and error.

1 Corinthians 6:19-20 (KJV)

19 What? 

know ye not that your body 

is the temple of the Holy Ghost 

which is in you

which ye have of God, 

and ye are not your own?

20 For ye are bought with a price: 

therefore glorify God in your body, 

and in your spirit, 

which are God's.

Seek God with all your heart, and wait for His grace to come to you.

He knows the sincerity of your heart, the desire of your soul, the efforts you put into knowing His truth.

He knows if you long for Him, or not.

John 16:13 KJV)

13 Howbeit when he, 

the Spirit of truth, is come, 

he will guide you into all truth: 

for he shall not speak of himself; 

but whatsoever he shall hear, 

that shall he speak: 

and he will shew you things to come.

You will learn of Jesus, through the Holy Spirit of God.

And yet, when you come to know Jesus, He refers you back to the Father, for they are One.

John 14:6 (KJV)

6 Jesus saith unto him, 

I am the way, 

the truth, 

and the life: 

no man cometh unto the Father, 

but by me.

I know exactly what I speak of, for it happened to me.

By seeking God's truth with all my heart and not selling out to the world, God finally showed up.

He corrected my errors, and I repented.

He led me to start reading the Bible -- His Word.

Each day becomes a day of glorious instruction, and learning.

Such as this post you're reading now.

As I write, I teach myself, too.

I am learning, alongside you.

You will marvel at what you will learn from the Holy Spirit of God.

You will begin to understand things of God.

You will love following Jesus each day.

You will know what to do, in life, and in work.

Your eyes will be opened.

Your errors will be corrected.

Everything will be made clear to you, as you pray to Jesus for an answer.

And never again will you allow your heart and spirit to be defiled by things of the world.

For you now have a temple for God in your heart, and will start walking in His ways.

2 Corinthians 6:16 (KJV)

16 And what agreement hath the temple of God 

with idols? 

for ye are the temple of the living God

as God hath said, 

I will dwell in them, 

and walk in them; 

and I will be their God, 

and they shall be my people.

Updated 24 January 2022


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